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November 2nd - Acrylic Painting / Painting Styles

November 2nd - Acrylic Painting / Painting Styles


Fall Youth Art Workshop 

November 2nd, 2019

Acrylic Painting / Painting Styles

In each class, students will be introduced to different mediums and techniques in a spirited and expressive manner. Students will be encouraged to explore, problem solve and identify the mediums, ideas, and approaches that best fit their individual style. And, each student will leave each session with their own finished artwork piece!

Each Class Includes:
• Required art supplies. Note, students must provide their own sketchbook
• Snack - fruit cup, croissant, juice box
• A planned winter/ spring field trip with parents/ partner to Glenbow for an exciting 
behind the scenes tour of their 33,000 piece art collection!